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Physical Benefits

Exercising the Mind

Characteristics of
In Ji Yong

Training Approach

Self Defense Program

Weapons Training


Role of the Student

In Ji Yong Martial Arts


“The martial arts can be a way of making sense of the learning experience. Study can make the journey more efficient by offering a means of internal observation.”

The In Ji Yong staff are educated to be technicians in regard to martial craft and the application of functional technique. Within each exercise exists “ building blocks ” that connect to form a synchronized and efficient process of developing skill at the execution and understanding of techniques. Simply put, it is the most direct way to develop skill in the craft.

Within this school's ranking system, one is exposed to many of these exercises at relatively early stages. The rich and diverse curriculum offered will give the student a wide variety of knowledge as well as an opportunity to truly enjoy what they are learning. This list is not all inclusive, however; if one wants clarification on any subject on this list, feel free to email, call , or visit In Ji Yong.

Unarmed Exercises
Self Defense
One Step Sparring
Defenses from Stationary Objects
Fluid Circular Techniques
Wrist Locks– Seize and Controlling
Hyel Do (destructive and healing applications)
Dynamic Ground Fighting
Forms (Poomse)
Throws and Sweeps
Striking Techniques
Choking Techniques
Tactical Rolling and Falling
Breaking Techniques

Weapons and Weaponry
Weapon Defenses
Weapon Disarms
Weapon Retention
Modern & Classical Weaponry
Firearms Use and Defenses
Legalities Associated With Carrying Weapons in Modern Society

Group Exercises
Sentry Removal
Small Unit Tactics
Multiple Attacker scenarios
Search and Restraint Techniques

Important Topics For Training
Warrior Mindset
Psychology of Attacker

Internal Exercises
Breathing Exercises
Ki Manipulation
Stress Reduction

Martial craft is used to acquire understanding in techniques and concepts, but the martial art is only experienced through application of these combined with the individual. Both art and craft are important in the development of personal growth. The journey begins weighted in the direction of craft, but as skills (and the by-products of experience) are acquired, art is born and takes on an increasingly important role.




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