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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be in good physical condition?
No, each student is treated as an individual and improves in relation to their own abilities. Martial arts provide a great way to get into shape while participating in an enjoyable activity.

Where can I get a uniform or other equipment?
Equipment can be purchased at cost. Unlike many schools that require purchasing a large list of equipment the student may seldom use, to get started all you need is a uniform. For the first class, come in long loose-fitting pants and a plain t-shirt.

Am I too old to begin?
In Ji Yong Martial Arts recognizes life experience as a positive thing. While the martial arts develops flexibility and strength, certain techniques can be taught to an individual with physical limitations so that they can learn ways to effectively defend themselves. One is never too old for something new and In Ji Yong Martial Arts welcomes anyone wishing to train.

Will I get hurt?
In Ji Yong students pride themselves on an extremely low injury rate, because students are taught control and proper technique from the beginning. A smaller In Ji Yong class also promotes a safer environment.

Do I need to train with weapons to be a student?
No. While many students enjoy learning weaponry, both modern and classical, it is not required to be a student.

What will I learn?
Initially, you will learn the strength inherent to the study of a martial art, but eventually the magic lies in the realization that the strength comes from within you and training merely made it tangible.

When will I be exposed to the meditative component of the martial art?
It is an old tradition for masters not to show the extent of the true flavor of their style in demonstrations or to initial visitors. Relaxation techniques and breathing exercises are done from the start because these benefit the student in their training, but the intricacies of the meditative program are withheld until mid-level, allowing for trust to develop between instructor and student.

How long until I test for rank?
To a classical school, the rank signifies personal growth. The focus is on the individual’s progression, not competition. Because the goal is self-improvement, the students will be invited to test when they are ready.



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