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Self Defense Program

“A program of self defense begins with the decision not to be a victim. This includes relinquishing illusions that an attack could never happen to you.”

Many schools teach what they call traditional technique that has little place in modern defense. Our method emphasizes practicality and efficiency in relationship to daily life in this culture. Because of this, we frequently instruct those in law enforcement or small groups with an interest in personal protection.

The objective of self defense is to neutralize the threat as efficiently as possible. This can be a simple exercise in avoidance by means of verbal interaction, or the use of physical technique as a last resort. Generally, the In Ji Yong practitioner will perceive the threat, seek to maintain pressure, and then neutralize the attack before a second attack can be launched.

Self defense maximizes what power and ability the student already possesses. This is accomplished by capitalizing on motions already existing as instinctual reflex. These instincts are refined with realistic training. The result is a student who can swiftly adapt to a threat spontaneously and with correct technique.

The attributes of enhanced awareness, tenacity, and self confidence combine with physical technique to make the defender a formidable force. Training provides a definite benefit to the student, even if an altercation never takes place.

The In Ji Yong Self Defense Program:

  • Begins with a basic foundation of techniques that are easy to learn and execute under stress.
  • Is designed to benefit the typical student.
  • Provides clear goals: survival and escape.
  • Develops a proper mindset for realistic application.
  • Incorporates scenario training.
  • Develops understanding for the effects of adrenaline during the altercation.
  • Takes the psychological factors of the attacker into account.
  • Includes improvised weapons as both attack and defense implementations.
  • Emphasizes asymmetrical defensive interactions (Multiple opponents, armed opponents, size disparity, etc.).



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