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Within the use of weapons we find 2 divisions. The first is the action of self defense against an armed assailant, and the second is the use of classical weaponry. In Ji Yong students regularly receive private instruction in both at relatively early stages. Not only used as a separate pursuit of mastery, it is also a means of reinforcing basic technique and familiarizing the individual with the mechanics involved. Many find this segment of training to be more rewarding than is initially apparent. Training in both classical and modern weaponry is available to the In Ji Yong student and encompasses a wealth of knowledge concerning tactics and strategy. The application utilized by the ancient warrior is found by many to be especially interesting and a subject that far surpasses the extremely crude and rudimentary weapon practice found in most commercial venues. As always, within In Ji Yong training, safety is paramount and great care must be taken during weapons training. The study of weapons is a major aspect of the classical style, but one does not need to study weaponry to be an In Ji Yong student.

The In Ji Yong system stems from a time when weaponry was the primary focus. This is a logical conclusion for early societies where the warrior was seldom completely disarmed. People would carry fighting instruments with them for many different reasons, often as a badge of status. The art they studied prioritized the available instruments at their disposal, empty hand being a lesser priority. Obviously, in this day and age this scale of priority has been reversed. Many weapons have become illegal and improper to carry openly in public.

The practitioners of In Ji Yong believe that there are valuable benefits to the preservation and study of these old ways of weapon use. Of the classical weapon's relevancy to In Ji Yong curriculum there are 3 tiers of weapons. The first tier weapons are those the typical In Ji Yong student will be exposed to. Second tier weapons are reserved for the mid-level student. In contrast, third tier weapons are taught only to students who are considered advanced. Usually this involves selecting one weapon from the third tier category. Few will ever experience instruction in all the third tier weapons.

Click here for an example of weapons training or for a list of some classical weapons available for training.

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